Automotive & Dock Equipment

Finding sturdy loading dock equipment for your industrial loading dock is essential. Making sure your goods leave and arrive safely on a daily basis is of paramount importance to your business. We at Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd. know this.


Dock plates are ideal for carting goods to and from your delivery trucks using material handling equipment such as pallet trucks and 2-wheeled hand trucks.


Dock boards are an essential type of dock equipment for heavy-duty industrial docking via forklift.


Dock lifts are for you if you’re dealing with carrying tons of heavy materials a day, a dock lift is the perfect type of commercial loading dock equipment.


Add dock levelers to your dock for easy access to your delivery trucks. We carry dock leveler options in electric hydraulic, mechanical, and automatic for your convenience.


We sell loading dock railings, loading dock lights, and door gates to prevent workplace injuries and accidents. This added protection will not only make your loading dock a safer place to work but a more effective one too.