CWE Barriers & Partitions

Wire Partitions are essential for safety and security in warehouses. Wire mesh partitions and enclosures provide maximum security at a minimal cost. It is ideal for the storage of tools, valuable inventory, hazardous materials and any area of your plant where restricted access is required. Wire mesh panels permit full visibility and allow for unrestricted circulation of air, heat and light, providing an ideal storage facility.


Steel Folding Security Gates secure outside access during the day and add security at night. Folding door gates can be installed in any doorway. 


Portable Security Gates provide access control and front line security. While locked they provide one of the strongest physical and visual barrier to potential would be intruders. They are used to block hallways in churches, schools and many other applications. 


Portable Expanding Gates are great for many applications such as blocking equipment, personnel and entrances. When not in use, simply fold up, roll away and store.


Expandable Barriers are a collapsible design which allows for easy storage when not in use. Great for temporarily blocking access to hallways, personnel and entrances.


Industrial Safety Guardrails prevent collision damage to shelving/racking from fork lifts, pallet trucks or other in plant vehicle accidents. Can be customized to any length and or depth required. 




We can supply a wide range of heavy duty and standard duty safety guards as well as bollards designed to protect machinery and shelving. Wire partitions, wire security cages, and wire fencing enclosures are the perfect solution for securing warehouse storage areas, tool cribs, and evidence storage areas.