Small Parts Storage and Bulk Containers

At Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd., we offer several types of  storage bins for you to consider and have outlined them here so you can order with confidence!

  • Stack and nest boxes are plastic storage bins that stack one top or within each other.
  • Shelf bins are plastic containers with a lip on the back that sit on steel shelving units. They have flat bottoms and can store materials up to 4 inches high. T
  • Ultra bins are the Quantum version of the traditional Akro Bin.   These large plastic containers fit onto louvers that can be mounted to a cabinet, wall, or even material handling cart. 
  • Tipout bins in strips of 1 bin up to 10 per strip. These can be as small as 2 inches and as big as over 10 inches.
  • Stacking mesh bins are a versatile storage style. Metal mesh bins are designed to stack on top of each other to create sturdy storage towers.
  • Wire containers provide you with a capacity of two tons per container. These can stack up to four high and are available in a range of sizes and dimensions.
  • Steel corrugated containers are available in a wide number of configurations. Choose containers at a range of heights or with half-drop gates for better storage.
  • Rotabins metal storage containers provide you with unmatched convenience. Tiered shelves offer you plenty of room to store your small and medium bits, nuts, and bolts.