CWE Bins, Containers, Racks & Cabinets

There are a number of ways storage bins can help you organize your warehouse:

  • A storage bin can be used as a place holding device, which will help keep similar items in one area while keeping those items separate from other items, or preventing items from falling through your shelving or racking.
  • By using a system to organize the placement of each bin, a storage bin can be used as a navigational tool, helping you find an item's location in your warehouse through the number and/or letter system assigned.
  • Storage bins are useful when you want to pick just a few items or stock, as opposed to taking an entire box or pallet down, which might require more time and equipment. 

Storage bins can help organize your warehouse. 

The many different storage bin colors, options, and sizes can help you organize your warehouse based on your particular needs. The different sizes allow you to choose the correct bin measurements that best fit your shelving and the product.

Storage bins allow workers to easily access items 

Some warehouses place bins containing a small number of items on the easily accessible lower shelves, while placing the remaining stock on the overhead racks. This helps you create a well-organized and efficient system that allows workers to easily access items without the need of a ladder or lift device every time they need to pick an item.

Ultra bins are the Quantum version of the traditional Akro Bin. These large plastic containers fit onto louvered panels that can be mounted to a cabinet, wall, or even material handling cart.


Tipout bins can be configured in strips of 1 bin up to 10 per strip. These can be as small as 2 inches and as big as over 10 inches wide.


Stacking mesh bins or baskets are a versatile storage style. Metal mesh bins are designed to stack on top of each other using self-aligning feet to safely create sturdy storage towers.  Mesh bins are available with solid decks or open mesh decks.  Single or double drop gates are also available.

Collapsible Wire containers provide you with a capacity of 4000 lbs per container. These can stack up to four high and are available in a range of sizes and dimensions.  Collapsed wire containers are easier to store while not in use.


Bulk stacking containers are available in a variety of configurations. Choose containers with solid decks or open mesh decks, solid or mesh sides.  Single or double drop gates are also available.

Rotabin metal storage units are designed for storage of larger quantities of small parts or fasteners. Scoop compartment shelves offer you plenty of room to store fasteners, nails, nuts & bolts or other small parts.