Small Parts Storage and Bulk Containers



Keep your bolts, screws and other small pieces organized with small part storage. For heavier applications such as parts warehouses, automotive etc. There are many different options for bulk storage of items.

Rotabin, Kleton, Durham, IP, Quantum, Akro-Mills and Flambeau are well known manufacturers of small parts storage containers.

  • Steel Parts Cabinets have a design that allows 98% use of drawer space to store larger tools or material. The drawers are housed in an all-welded galvanized steel cabinet, finished i grey enamel.  Clear plastic covers and dividers are provided for every drawer. Plastic tabs and drawer toppers allow for full extension without risk of spilling.  Heavy duty industrial carousels are available to combine your drawer cabinets into one easy to find location.

  • Add-A-Drawer Storage Cabinets are a versatile plastic drawer modules with clear windows which slide and lock onto each other. The drawers can be stacked both horizontally and vertically, allowing you to create a customized drawer cabinet.
  • Compartment Boxes are available in polyethylene and steel boxes and in a variety of sizes and configurations. They can be individual boxes or stacked and placed in a cabinet.  Fixed or movable partitions allow  for customization for various sizes of parts.   These are used in tool cribs, maintenance departments and on shop floors.


  • Rotabin Storage units are designed for storage of larger quantities of small parts, fasteners or heavier parts. Scoop compartment shelves offer you plenty of room to store the items.   The shelves sit securely on ball bearings held with a solid steel pin allowing the unit to revolve.
  • Tilt Bins and Tip Out Bins are an extremely durable ABS plastic housing and drawer body with transparent polystyrene front window for easy viewing. They conveniently connect to each other with grooved channels on top, bottom and sides. For larger quantities of bins single sided and double sided frames are available.
  • Bolt Bins are pigeonhole type steel storage bin units to organize small parts. These are best suited where space is limited and organization is crucial, for example in auto repair shops, manufacturing facilities and craft stores.
  • Industrial Drawer Cabinets provide a rugged modular storage system for small parts. You can select from a range of drawer capacities from 9 to 96 drawers per cabinet.


  • Stack-bins are hopper-front steel bins.  These can be stacked on a larger or similar sized units with covers, bases and filler strips to customize your storage needs.  Mobile bases are available to easily move product from location to location.
  • Stacking Mesh Bins are a versatile storage style. Metal mesh bins are designed to stack on top of each other using self-aligning feet to safely create sturdy storage towers.  Mesh bins are available with solid decks or open mesh decks.  Single or double drop gates are also available.
  • Collapsible Wire Containers provide you with a capacity of 4000 lbs per container. These can stack up to four high and are available in a range of sizes and dimensions.  Collapsed wire containers are easier to store while not in use.