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Cabinets are a staple type of storage equipment. Storing tools and other work-related items is easy with our wide selection of industrial and warehouse cabinets. We have available storage, HD, compact, visual, extra-wide, deep door, stainless steel cabinets.


Steel Cabinets can also be configured with bins. Pre-configured bin cabinets ensure your plastic storage bins will fit optimally, saving you the added work of having to install the bins yourself.


Lockers are designed in such a way as to provide you with convenient access to your belongings and valuables. Choose archetype, personal effects, wall hung, polyethylene, office and school lockers. We even gear lockers!


Workbenches can be divided according to the particular work they are designed to accommodate such as Multi-purpose/portable, Woodworking, Metalworking, Gardening, Electronics, Software,  General repair, Laboratory work, Art and sculpture, Jewelers and Watchmakers, Fitting and assembling. 


Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd. offers you a wide range of options when finding the best style of Work Bench for your warehouse or industrial facility. We offer light duty, heavy duty and custom work benches.