Storage Cabinets


You’re in charge of finding storage cabinets for your auto shop and need a durable, high quality product that has a high shelf capacity and can withstand the wear and tear of a rough environment. Or, you simply need a general-purpose cabinet for your home office, garage, or business with light-duty storage use. Whatever your storage needs, we have the perfect cabinet for you.


Cabinet Types


At Calgary Warehouse Equipment (CWE), we carry more than a dozen different types of storage cabinets to suit both commercial and personal needs.


From regular welded to extra heavy-duty stainless-steel cabinets (the strongest one on the market for the heaviest tools and equipment) to compact, economical, and corner cabinets —easy to assemble and ideal for smaller spaces—we have what you need.


If you have limited floor space, we carry the welded wall hung cabinet with fully adjustable shelves. Hi-boy, lo-boy, wardrobe, and combination cabinets-we have it all! The options are endless-If you need to move cabinets around your office or store—no problem, our heavy-duty dollies will do the trick.


Popular Brands


Our Rubbermaid plastic cabinets are durable, lockable, and easy to clean when you’re on the job and don’t have time to mess around.


We carry popular brands, including Lyon, Edsal, Rubbermaid, Justrite and Stronghold.


Not your regular shop furniture


The Rough & Tough cabinets speak for themselves. They can hold up to 1900 lbs. of materials or goods on their shelves, depending on the model. This is not your regular shop furniture; the Stronghold brand is used by industrial heavyweights, such as food processing plants, athletic facilities, and auto manufacturers.


Other strong but highly efficient cabinets we sell include: heavy-duty ventilated, double shift storage, broom closet storage, and wardrobe/storage cabinets.


Our sought-after versatile Deep Door Combination cabinets come with multi-colour bins (84, 96 or 98 bins) and have 4” deep hinged doors which can hide small and large items in a one central place.  


Safety Cabinets


Maybe you’re more concerned about safety than space and you want to know your products and equipment won’t be stolen or moved to the wrong area of your business. We have a number of solutions. The welded 14-gauge steel cabinets, made by Lyon, have a secure 3-point locking system and a 1450 lbs. shelf capacity. You don’t want to move this hulk of a container around, so the fork life access feature comes in handy.


Do you work in a facility that stocks chemicals or other flammable products? We carry safety cabinets with manual, sliding, and self-close door styles that are mandated by the Uniform Fire Code (UFC). Choose from our selection of smaller cabinets that you can have at your work site to reduce trips back and forth to your storage room. Flammable security cabinets with a crossbar give you extra protection for your fuels and chemicals against theft and fire.


Unmatched Service Coupled with Knowledgeable Staff


An award-winning company, our experienced staff at CWE provide exceptional service year after year, and it’s not just hearsay. Six years in a row, we’ve come first in the consumer choice award for shelving units in Southern Alberta. But don’t take our word for it, call us and we’ll show you how we provide you with top-notch service, every day of the week.  


While all of our inventory can be found in our online catalogue, to order our products please give us a call. We’re happy to help you with any questions or concerns.


Call us during office hours and you’ll always hear a friendly voice-no answering service here. We’re ready to serve you by answering your questions or to place your order.


Contact us online or call us at 403-908-0724 to learn more about how we can meet your needs.