CWE Storage Cabinets

Cabinets are a staple for storage. Organizing and storing tools, parts, supplies, instruments and other work-related items is easy & items are quick to find with our wide selection of industrial and warehouse cabinets.


Storage Cabinets are suitable for office, plants, schools or institutional storage needs. They are available all welded or knocked down for quick assembly. Most come with fully adjustable shelves, recessed handles and cylinder locks. Coat rods are also available with wardrobe and combination units. Choose from Hi-Boy, Lo-Boy, wardrobe and combinations cabinets.


Deep Door Cabinets are all welded with heavy duty 16 GA steel. Combination bin/shelf cabinets come with 4” deep hinged doors. A unique padlock hasp helps prevent access with bolt cutters for added security. These units are also available with louvered bin hanging panels welded into the cabinet doors. Order the deep door cabinet with a pre-configured set of bins or as the cabinet alone.


Shop Cabinets are built like a tank. There are times and environments that demand more than run-of-the-mill storage cabinets. This is the time and place for the Strong Hold brand. This is a line of shop furniture so durable and robust that it is accepted and demanded by industrial heavy weights. Major auto manufacturers use hundreds of these units.


Our product range includes: Storage Cabinets, Basic Cabinets, Mobile Cabinets, Bin Storage Cabinets, Table-top and Wall-mount Cabinets, Compact Cabinets, Visual Cabinets with glass front, Extra Wide Cabinets, Rubbermaid plastic Cabinets, Lockers, Deep Door Cabinets, Stainless Steel Cabinets, Heavy Gauge Cabinets and Shop Cabinets.


Lockers provide an effective security system for storage of personal items, uniforms, linens and protective clothing etc. They are available in many configurations from single door, double door to individual lockerette compartments to secure personal effects. Lockers include hat shelves, coat hooks and recessed padlock handles. Slope tops and recessed bases are available. Lockers are installed in schools, recreational or health centers, commercial or industrial facilities, public service institutions, the healthcare industry, manufacturing plants and restaurants. Archette lockers are configured with 16 personal effect lockers and a convenient bar for hanging garments. Personal Effects lockers provide compact storage with 9 to 16 individual doors in a very small space.


Gear Lockers are ideal for athletic team rooms, military barracks, fire and rescue facilities or anywhere where easy access to uniforms and or equipment is required. Open faced units and perforated side units make these lockers fully accessible and ventilated. Lockable safety boxes and foot lockers allow for storing valuable goods. The lower shelf functions as a bench which eliminates the need for locker room benches.


Lockers are available all welded or knocked down for quick assembly. Gear Lockers, Archetype Lockers, Personal Effects Lockers, Wall Hung Lockers, Polyethylene Lockers, Plastic Lockers, Z Lockers are all available.