CWE Work Benches

Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd. offers you a wide range of options to find the best style of Workbench for your warehouse or industrial facility. We offer light duty, heavy duty and custom work benches.


Workbenches are more than big tables, they are solid and strong. Workbenches are fully functional workstations at which to build computers, pack boxes and execute crafts. They’re anything and everything you want them to be in any industry. 


Workbenches can be categorized according to the particular work they are designed to accommodate. This can include Multi-purpose/portable workbenches, Woodworking, Metalworking, Gardening, Electronics manufacture and repair, Software design, General repair, Laboratory work, Art and sculpture, Jewelers and Watchmakers, Fitting and assembling stations.

Basic Workbenches

Ideal for almost any task, work tables are simple, yet rugged, but also function well in offices, garages, warehouses, offices and laboratories. You can select from individual components that we offer to build the workbench to fit your needs. Optional features for enhanced functionality are also available. All steel components are constructed of 14-gauge steel. Capacities range from 1000 lbs to 2500 lbs. evenly distributed load. All steel components are powder coated for durability.

Pedestal Workbenches                                                                                                              Pedestal workbenches provide extra storage and shelving. They are ideal for more productive workstations. A variety of Pedestal cabinet configurations with doors, drawers or a combination are available. Combine leg units and or pedestals along with hardwood tops, shop tops, laminate tops, steel wood filled tops or stainless steel wood filled tops to build your own custom workbench. You can also select from one of our pre-designed layout options. Pedestals combined with your choice of top option will give you a workable 34” overall height and 2500 lbs UDL capacity.


Louvered Workbench Racks

All welded louvered bench racks can be free standing or configured to sit on a workbench or table. They provide tool and storage for assembly or repair operations when combined with plastic parts bins hung from the steel louvers.



Heavy-duty workbenches

Heavy-duty workbenches are ideal for tasks in a warehouse, manufacturing plant and the construction industry which all demand that the workbench will hold heavy weights and stand up to continual use. You can choose from a variety of available workbenches such as:

  • Extra Heavy-Duty welded workbenches with capacities from 3500 lbs to 5000 lbs UDL designed for use as machinery stand or work table.
  • Pedestal workbenches as described above, designed for workshop applications with capacities of 2500 lbs UDL
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel workbenches available in 3 sided or H frame designs. Options include drawers and casters. Stainless steel workbenches and work tables are ideal for tasks that require a sanitary surface, particularly in high moisture areas.
  • Economy Grade open workbenches meet any strength requirement for light manufacturing assembly operations, maintenance, service, etc. Capacity of 200 lbs/sq.ft. UDL

Ergonomic workstations

Highly functional and flexible systems of above-work surface accessories and modular components are available to complete an ergonomic workstation. The ergonomically designed workstation provides easily accessible components with no stretch or strain. The modular design allows for easy reconfiguration for different situations. Components include overhead cabinets, overhead light fixtures, power boards, adjustable shelves, back panels of marker board, pegboard or tack board panels. Benefits include:

  • · Greater productivity and efficiency
  • · Reduced strain and increased ergonomic ease
  • · Equipped to exactly suit your needs
  • · Properly illuminated work areas

Service  Workbench 

These mobile industrial workbenches are designed for moving heavy parts and tools to the job site. They provide a strong maintenance-free surface to work on. The cabinet component can include combinations of doors and drawers.   Capacity 1200 lbs UDL


Tool Toters  

Mobile Tool Toter carts provide safer convenient storage of tools and equipment. They are an excellent addition to any tool center. You never have to waste time looking for your tools and jigs. We have mobile tool toter carts, stationary cabinet tables, and work centers available.

Tool Box Workbenches

These versatile units combine a tool box and storage area with a work surface. This keeps tools and supplies close at hand. They can be ordered with tool box cabinets or a combination of tool box cabinets and shelves. 1200 lbs UDL


Cabinet Workbenches

Build your own cabinet workbench, either mobile or stationary. They are versatile and suited for any industrial application that requires work surface and secure tool and parts storage. Capacity is 3000 lbs UDL. A mobile workbench makes moving around the shop floor easy, even with a workstation that’s full of tools and equipment. This solution is ideal for maintenance, repair and assembly departments. Your options include one, two or three cabinets from six choices of cabinet configurations. Complete your mobile cabinet workbench with a base, hardwood top, casters and handles. Capacity is 1200 labs UDL.

Shop Desks
Shop desks are ideal for warehouses, shops, receiving and shipping clerks, watchmen and shop foreman or anywhere there is limited floor space. They are available as a deluxe unit complete with file drawers, a desk top sorting station and a lockable drawer. Wall mounted shop desks save valuable floor space but are convenient storage and work surface. Open floor style and cabinet styles offer a work surface, organizers and lockable storage.


ESD Workbenches, Electronic Workbenches

ESD or Electro static dissipative protection is a necessity in the electronic industry for production, repairing, testing, and any work related with electronics. Regardless if the static comes from the worker’s own body or from electrically charged devices on or near the workstation, ESD workbenches provide the highest level of protection. Ground paths for components of the workstation, as well as a connection point for personnel grounding gear provides protection as they guide static electricity to an earth ground preventing static buildup.

Packaging Workbenches

Create a mini mailroom with Modular workbench components. Because they’re designed with shipping in mind, packaging workbenches are ideal for pack-and-ship businesses. These ergonomically designed workbenches will help increase productivity in your packaging area. They include back-to-back modular packing stations, full function modular packing stations, and standard modular packing stations. Modular packing station components include Roll bars with cutter bars, Carton shelves, Document shelves, Sorter stations, literature shelves and a scale shelf.