CWE Carts & Shelf Trucks




Shelf Carts are available in 2, 3, 4 and 5-shelf configurations, all welded or knocked down (bolt together) styles.  They are versatile for all material handling or transporting and stock picking in warehouse production areas, manufacturing, restaurant and office settings. Available sizes range from 18x30 up to 24x48. Lips up secures product from sliding off while moving.  Lips down allows the unimpaired placement/removal of products.


Low Profile Shop Carts are ideal for both institutional and industrial applications. Available in sizes ranging from 18x30 up to 30x72 with 2 shelf levels.


Combination Shelf & Platform Truck configuration is an efficient 2-in-1 shelf and platform truck design. The upper shelf is easily removed to become a 24x36 Platform truck.


Order Picking Carts are all welded with a picking list holder on the push handle.  This eliminates the need to handle loose papers while picking. Available with 2 or 3 shelves in sizes ranging from 18x30 to 24x48.


Ladder Carts are designed to pick and transport stock without the need for a separate ladder. Slip resistant steps and a positive locking engagement is standard for safety. These are available with 3 shelves.  The ladder component is available 3 step or 5 step ladder. Weight capacity: 1200 lbs.


Elevated Platform Shelf Trucks have a deck height of 28" or 31" allowing the picking process without bending.  Available deck sizes 24x48 or 30x60.


Mobile Service Carts have louvered panels attached above the 2nd shelf for small parts bins.  A lockable drawer is included to keep supplies at hand. Perfect for as a mobile assembly unit.


Wire mesh carts are rugged all welded carts, designed for secure and efficient loading/unloading and transportation of merchandise. The frames are constructed with 1.5" angle iron and 2"x2" wire mesh.  Available as 2 or 3 shelf carts with options such as 2 sides, 3 sides or Security Carts, completely enclosed with hasp for locking doors. Sizes range from 24x48 up to 30x72.


Plastic Utility Carts are available in a variety of styles such as utility, flat shelf, executive, and light duty and are useful in warehouse, production areas, manufacturing, restaurants as bus carts and office settings. We offer 2 and 3 shelf Utility Carts from manufacturers such as Rubbermaid, AGF, Metro and Kleton in a range of configurations and capacities.


Trades Carts are used as mobile workbenches and sized to hold large tools and supplies yet fit into tight spaces. They come complete with four compartmentalized parts boxes and two versatile storage bins. The mounting bracket serves as an electrical cord wrap.  A convenient handle bin keeps small tools and parts at hand. 

The larger version is the Trades Master mobile cabinet & work center.  The raised ergonomic handle reduces back and wrist strain.  The shelves are metal reinforces structural foam.  A 3 outlet power bar with surge protection is included.


Stainless Steel Carts provide easy sanitation and corrosion resistance.  They are ideal for transporting equipment and have sound deadening panels under shelves reducing vibration and noise. These carts are available with 2 and 3 shelves and range in size from 19x32 up to 22x38.  Protective bumpers on some carts protect walls & furniture from damage.



Specialty Carts


U-boat platform trucks with tilt design allows this truck to turn within its own radius. Removable end racks allow unobstructed loading/offloading while still having containment.  The platform is only 10" off the ground for easy loading.


A bar cradle truck is designed for efficient handling of long material such as pipe.  It's tilt design allows truck to turn within its own radius. The 4 cradle design facilitates loading and unloading of product that does not easily stack.


Panel Mover Trucks and Flatbed Lumber Carts are designed for transporting large sheets and long parts.  The panel mover's uprights have 8" clear space between tubes and extend 33" above the deck.  The floor clearance is 12".  Available in 30x48 or 30x60.  Flatbed Lumber Carts transport sheet goods in a horizontal position.  6 wheels provide easy rolling in most situations.  Capacity: 2500 lbs.


A-Frame sheet/panel Trucks are for handling flat, long, awkward loads in a vertical position.  It is available with an open or solid deck sized 24x36 up to 36x72.


Adjust-A-Tray Trucks are A-Frame construction, single sided or double sided.  Perfect as a portable material handling system for all work areas. Hook-on adjustable trays are made of 16ga steel, either open or closed front. 


Mobile Pipe Carts are a mobile version of mini cantilever racking.  Your product is unobstructed from posts normally found on carts.  They are perfect for the storage and transportation of long materials. Eight separate levels provide abundant storage.  The arm end stops retain round or unstable items from falling off.