CWE Hand Trucks

Hand Truck


A hand truck is a versatile cart with a handle at one end, wheels at the base and a ledge to set items on when the hand-truck is upright.  It makes bulky and heavy objects easier to move.


Hand trucks are constructed from many different types of materials including steel, aluminum, aluminum extrusion and high impact plastics.


Models include:

Rubber Wheel, Steel Hand trucks can have rubber wheels, pneumatic wheels or flat free wheels. They are available with continuous handles, dual handles, loop handles, P-handles and attachments such as chair movers or table movers.  Specialty hand trucks are available with a curved back to accommodate barrels or kegs. Heavy Duty dual handle trucks are found on cross docks in the freight or transportation industry. Deluxe 12" nose plate hand trucks are available in standard height 50" or over height 72".  Bread trucks are available with  forks to pick up bread trays.


Convertible Hand Trucks quickly convert from a 2-wheel hand truck, upright to a 4-wheel tubular platform truck.


Folding Hand Trucks are convenient and work well where space is limited. Ideal for sales representatives/general deliveries, especially if the goods are transported in smaller vehicles.


Vending & Appliance Trucks will move large items safely. They are equipped with  straps and continuous stair climbers for easy climbing/descending.  Appliance trucks are upright and have 2 wheels.  Vending machine appliance trucks have fold out rear legs with swivel casters to move heavier bulky objects.  Motorized versions of the appliance truck is also available.


Battery Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks with auto rewind ratchet works, pivoting and fixed ergonomic handle configurations and dual speed controls, all help reduce worker fatigue and the risk of injury as well as reduce the number of employees needed to delivery cargo.


Aluminum Hand Trucks provide the strength durability and versatility in a lightweight hand truck. Numerous accessories are available such as frame extensions, stair climbers, retractable 4th wheel, folding extensions, carefree tires, accessory bag and curb ramps.  Magliner, Wesco and Kleton are recognized manufacturers of aluminum hand trucks.


Y-Brake Hand Trucks provide safer load control and reduce the operator’s accumulated muscle strain.


Nylon Frame Hand Trucks are lighter than equivalent aluminum trucks.   Long fibre nylon frames will not mar products or damage goods while still carrying up to 600 lbs safely.