Ladders & Scaffolding

Lifting, Positioning & Stacking

Conveyors & Casters

From pallet jacks, stackers, baskets, pallets, partitions, gates, ladders, scales, and strip curtain, we handle it all. At Calgary Warehouse Equipment  Ltd.  we  can  handle ALL of your material handling warehouse equipment needs.


Ladders of all different sizes and styles are essential to any functional warehouse. When you’re having to grab product from 20-foot-high pallet racks, you need the assistance of an industrial ladder.


Pallet trucks enable workers to move full pallets of materials and products simply as opposed to using a hand truck to take parts of the full load.


Lift trucks should be the work horse of your distribution or manufacturing facility.  Your people will be able to access product safely and quickly increasing overall efficiency and saving you money.


Lift table and work positioned products from Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd.  are an absolute necessity for your  warehouse.


Conveyor  systems helps you move products quickly and efficiently. Outfit your warehouse, facility, or distribution center with roller conveyor, belt conveyor or skate wheel conveyor.  


Casters are an important yet underappreciated family of products at Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd.  Any rolling product that relies on mobility requires casters, and any rolling product requiring periodic maintenance requires after-market casters as well.