CWE Ladders & Scaffolding

There are differences from one ladder to the next and having the right ladder for the job is critical to completing any task. The wrong ladder can result in serious safety issues. Most workers require the use of ladders of different styles, sizes, duty ratings, and materials depending on the work requirements.




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Rolling safety step ladders allow individuals to safely access high shelves for the collections of items. Rolling ladders have safety rail for stability of worker, swivel casters to make it mobile and many safety features. Rolling safety ladders are often used in industrial workplaces such as warehouses, stockrooms & maintenance areas. Offices, hospitals and schools often use rolling ladders made of aluminum or plastic as they are lightweight and easily moved by one person.

Rolling safety step ladders are ideal wherever there is a need to reach bulky materials. They roll easily into position and lock firmly to the floor for maximum safety. Our 2 to 6 step rolling ladders operate on spring-loaded casters. The casters retract under operator’s weight and rubber feet drop down. The first step on all 8 to 16 step rolling ladders will activate the floor locking mechanism.

We have a wide variety of rolling safety ladders available such as: Roll & Fold Steel Rolling ladders, All directional steel rolling ladders, 50 degree safety slope steel rolling ladders, deep platform steel rolling ladders, aluminum rolling ladders, tilt-n-roll ladders, mechanic and or maintenance rolling ladders, rolling step stands, stock picking steel rolling ladders, mobile work platform steel rolling ladders.

Industrial Step Stools come in a variety of styles and heights. Made from durable, corrosion-proof formed poly, many have rear opening to access storage compartments. They have hand holes for ease of carrying or moving and are light weight. They come in 2 steps, 3 steps and 4 steps with hand rail variations.

Work platforms elevate workers to comfortable working heights. They provide solid footing around machinery and other work areas because of their larger platforms.

High Work Maintenance Platforms will convert your forklift truck into a safe efficient work platform. Workers are able to look after overhead maintenance without setting up ladders or scaffolds. They come equipped with 72” safety mesh back screen which keeps operator and equipment away from the lift mechanism on the forklift. Access points are secured with a safety chain.

Mobile Work Scaffolds, also called scaffolding or staging, is a temporary structure used on the outside of the building and consist of planks and poles and provides a multi level work area. These are used to support employees and products to help in the construction, maintenance and repair of buildings and man-made structures. They are primarily used at job-site to gain access to areas that are hard to get to. 

Choosing the right ladder is about the proper material. We offer ladders made from fiberglass and aluminum. Each type of ladder is good for different conditions. Use fiberglass ladders if there is even a slight chance of working near electricity or overhead power lines. NEVER use metal, water logged or dirty wood ladders near electricity.

Step ladders permit standing on a level two steps from the top. Step ladders are self-supporting and will help the employee reach those higher up places. The also fold for convenience and portability.


Extension ladders consist of two sections that have guides to allow the ladder to be used at different lengths. Extension ladders require a stable structure that can withstand the intended load. The highest level for standing is four rungs down from the top.