Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving is a specialized form of storage equipment for your warehouse and facility. Industrial and commercial warehouse shelving offers you a sturdy yet economical solution to your storage needs. At Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd. We have many types of metal shelving products that range in capacity from 150 pounds per shelf to over 1,000 pounds per shelf. We also stock a wide range of boltless shelving products.

Open shelving is the most basic and economical shelving design for general purpose use. The backs and sides are left open to easily view the items you’re keeping in storage. Side and rear bracing keep the shelving steady.


Steel shelving is a heavy-duty shelving type that offers you long-lasting storage. Commercial shelving systems have additional welded bends, which can increase capacity, and can save you money while meeting your needs.

Wire shelving is ideal if you work in food service, retail, or just for general storage. Our units have capacities ranging from 150 pounds per shelf to 800 pounds per shelf. These industrial shelving systems are available in epoxy wire, and chrome wire in a range of sizes and additional security features.

NAS EASY-UP 5000 is the shelving of tomorrow here today, offering the looks of office shelving, the strength of industrial shelving and the economy of commercial shelving. EASY-UP 5000 offers the versatility of 3 types of shelves: economical particle board, durable painted melamine and extra strength steel shelves. Plus a wide range of accessories.

NAS Easy-Up 7000 Shelving (compatible with EZrect Type 1 shelving) is the ideal open style long span steel shelving system with four basic inter-locking components. Designed for hand loading of large size heavy merchandise. Although not designed for forklift loading, Easy-Up 7000 is a great alternative to pallet racking and can be integrated with conveyor picking systems. Shelving storage systems can be built to any depth, height and width to accommodate high rise applications and maximize warehouse space.

Edsal Shelving is designed to hold the heaviest loads. Excellent for storage of dies, fixtures, jigs or any heavy material. HD Bulk Storage Racks are to bridge the gap between pallet racking and conventional industrial racking. There is also an economical commercial shelving perfect for the office, storeroom, garage or shop.

Pronto Shelving units are ideal for storage of heavy/bulk merchandise. Feature a maximum capacity of 8000 lb/section and 2000 lbs/shelf. Quick and easy installation, only 4 components involved: beams, frames, shelving and safety bars.

Metalware Shelving is adjustable shelving system that provides high strength, yet economical storage capacity for your needs. This system uses an innovative shelf clip, which slips into a slotted T post and is immediately ready to receive a shelf. No bolt design reduces up to 80% of the installation time. They are available with additional features such as bin fronts, dividers, backs & sides.

Bin Shelving has the same great features as shelving with the addition of a variety of bins. Ideal for storing supplies in warehouses or shops. Ideal for production or for parts storage.

Drawer Inserts for shelving are normally extension drawers, installed on roller glides, allowing full access to back of the drawer. Adjustable partitions and dividers for precise storage and inventory control. Modular drawer systems inserted into conventional shelving units providing extra versatility and maximum storage.  These are designed to hold small parts and are usually installed at chest height for convenient access.  Upper sections of the shelving remains open to be used for additional storage. Free standing cabinets are also available with a single lock system for personal access and security.