There are many things to consider when purchasing a racking system.  The type of product to be managed or stored, the weight capacity required, size restrictions, and your available floor space. A system that maximizes handling efficiencies and storage capacity also reduces the overall cost of handling product within your organization. Your goal is to increase storage density without compromising selectivity or efficiency.


Our range of products is well suited to a variety of warehouse storage environments, ranging from small warehouse storage facilities to multi-leveled warehouses as well as outdoor storage. 

Pallet Rack Selections


Selective Pallet Racking Systems - Selective Pallet racking systems typically store pallets single deep and uses the available vertical space.  This system is loaded from an aisle.


Double Deep Pallet Racking -  Double Deep racking improves density by placing rows together to reduce the number of access aisles, creating pallet access that is two pallets deep.  Double Deep racking is ideal for increased storage density requirements where lift trucks have extended reach capability (ie telescopic or panagraphic). Double Deep racking is easily converted to or from single selective rack.  Applications: warehouse / logistics, manufacturing plants, food & grocery distribution, petroleum / chemical & pharmaceutical plants.

Pick Rack Pallet Racking - Multi-Tier Pick Racks increase use of cubic space and are ideal for archive storage.  Applications: Dead file storage/Banker box and hospital record storage, automotive parts, industrial supply, plumbing/electrical distributors & distribution centres. Higher volume or smaller items can be located at lower levels while slow movers can be placed at higher levels.  Systems can be designed to accommodate conveyors, pick systems, flow systems and walkways.

Structural Racking - This system is ideal for high rise, heavy traffic and high abuse areas.  It is available in a variety of column sizes and meets the required frame loads of today’s higher and heavier pallets.  Structural pallet racking is the most cost effective product to meet the demands of efficient storage use in a potentially abusive environment.

Retail Fixture Rack - Many big box stores, warehouse clubs, office supply stores and home building centres utilize retail fixture rack systems, not only for back room storage, but also for their front retail selling floor space.  Retail rack provides a fully versatile range for products sizes and weights, versus shelving or other similar store fixtures that are limited.

Baby Rack -TS Wide Span Shelving (sometimes known as Heavy Duty Shelving or Baby Rack) is strong, affordable and extremely versatile. It's ideal for an almost unlimited range of applications; from garage shelving to record storage to retail display shelving and warehouse applications. TS Wide Span Shelving is also great for hand stack operations where heavy capacity pallet racking isn't required.  

Drive-In/Drive-Thru Racking - systems are designed for fast moving products on a pallet-in/pallet-out basis.  Each racking bay is dedicated to a single product and/or lot number.  It is frequently used in facilities with higher number of skids with a low number of product lines or where floor space is at a premium (i.e. freezers & coolers).  Pallet retrieval is done from the same aisle as it was loaded from.  

Push Back Racking - systems combine high density steel storage with more versatility than Drive-In racking because each lane flows independently.  The Push Back racking system operates on the LAST IN, FIRST OUT (LIFO principle) per lane.  Multiple Pallets are stored on a gravity-fed cart system, allowing retrieval of the pallets from the face of the rack. 

Cantilever RackingCant Bolted racking is designed to handle a  variety of products providing unrestricted front access to irregular shaped products.  Products rest on flat or tapered arms for easy loading.  The columns act as backstops and flue space for sprinklers and water penetration.  Lift truck forks have easy entry for un-palletized loads.  Base legs provide stability and keep the products off the floor. 

Cantilever Bar Racking - systems use standard rack components designed for light duty applications.  It is the most economical for light loads and is recommended for up to 12 feet height only.  Maximum arm length of 24”, adjustable on 3” centres.  Ideal for reel racks, hand loaded bar or long narrow trim or pipe.

Cantilever Deck Structural Racking - is STRONG, DURABLE, & FULLY ADJUSTABLE.  Used mainly for bulky relatively light weight items (home furnishings, chairs, couches, tables, desks, dressers, cabinets, etc.).  

Cant Deck allows storage without front obstructions with a solid deck covering the entire length of the rack row, loads of varying lengths can be placed anywhere along the entire storage area. 

Carton Flow Racking - is a steel rack system that uses a gravity feed rear load design. Each unit consists of one or more runways set on an incline. Merchandise is loaded in the rear of each runway. As an item is removed from the front, the items directly behind slide forward in place of the previous.

Full-width Roller Pallet Flow Racking - systems reduce imprinting and improve performance.   Heavy duty full-width roller wheels support pallets evenly and can absorb heavier impact loads. Forklift damage to pallet flow racking is reduced because the product is protected in the rack system until picking.

Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Racking - provides the ultimate in abuse resistance and flexibility.  With a full deck of wheels, either steel or plastic, there is no need to re-profile when box sizes change.  Tilt shelves and impact plates are optional.  No extra hardware required to hold track and guide in place.

Catwalks/ Mezzanine Shelving - are one of the most effective ways to maximize your plant or warehouse space.  Mezzanine shelving or racking systems will increase storage capacity and work areas or add an office in your plant facility.  It is also an easy alternative to renovating existing storage areas, double usable warehouse and floor space. We build all types of mezzanine storage systems to suit your industry needs: Shelving Storage Platforms,  Rack Supported Storage Platforms, Pick Tower Rack, Structural Storage Platforms

Pallet Rack Accessories

SKID CHANNELS - allow for safe placement and removal of skids.  Span from front to back between beams where skids and platforms are stored.  The inverted channel section enables the legs of a platform to be positioned inside the flanges, thus giving them a safe seating.  Not suitable for use with step beams.

SAFETY BARS – MEDIUM OR HEAVY DUTY: Safety bars sit flush in pre-slotted step beams to stop improperly placed pallets from falling between beams. They prevent spreading on extra wide racks under heavy loads.

ROW SPACERS -  Used for back-to-back rows to tie end frames together for stability & consistent spacing; also support in-rack sprinkler systems.

FORK ENTRY BARS -  Support non-palletized loads.  

DRUM CRADLES -  Designed to adapt racking to hold round objects. Unit is completely welded and fits securely on NAS Step Beams skid channel; adapting rack to the storage of semi-live and stationary skids.

WIRE MESH DECK - Commonly used as a safety device on pallet racking to prevent pallets, or individual products stored on them, from falling through the rack structure. Wire mesh construction also allows for easy identification of shelf contents and prevents dirt and other debris from accumulating on the shelves.  Most wire mesh decking has U-shaped channel supports, also known as struts, to support the loads.  For waterfall decking, the wire mesh extends across the top and down the front of the beam to provide more support and prevents the beams from spreading.

Rack Protection

Post Protectors

WELDED-ON PROTECTORS - Factory welded to the front of the upright is the most economical protection.

CLIP-ON PROTECTORS - Clip-on to the front face of rack frame.

FLOOR MOUNTED PROTECTORS - These are the most common type of stand alone protectors.

Aisle Guards

TAPERED FLOOR MOUNTED - Providing protection for end of row frames against lift truck damage adding a neat finished appearance

RAISED FLOOR MOUNTED - This raised aisle guard is preferred where cleaning under the guard is a sanitary necessity

FRAME MOUNTED - Protect frames and braces from fork lift truck impact above floor level

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