& Fire Protection

Respiratory Protection

Protective/Safety Clothing


Spill Control

Heat Prevention/ Ergonomics

Locks & Lockouts

Emergency Eyewash

& Showers

Fall Protection

Hand Protection

First Aid


Hearing Protection

Foot Protection

Crowd Control,Safety Mirrors & Matting

Eye Protection

Head/Face Protection


Thank you for choosing Calgary Warehouse Equipment Ltd., your one-stop shop for high quality work safety supplies such as head protection, hearing protection, hand protection, respiratory protection, fall protection, first aid products, traffic safety products, protective clothing, protective work boots, disposable gloves, safety vests, safety helmets, respiratory masks, eye wear, hard hats, hearing protection and name brand industrial and work safety supplies and much more.  


Calgary  Warehouse  Equipment Ltd. can supply safety products to ensure  safety  within  your work  environment. Contact us for all of your safety supply needs.