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Sorbent Pads

Spill Absorbing Items are a must around the shop and we have a variety on sale. Oil Only, Hazmat and Universal sorbent pads are used to soak up oil, water and chemicals. They are good in plants, fabricating shops, maintenance shops and on water or land. Universal Sorbent Pads are used for soaking up oil and water. Oil Only Sorbent Pads soak up oil based fluids and repel water based fluids. They are ideal for outdoor use. Hazmat Sorbent Pads are generally used on aggressive chemical leaks and spills.


Spill control is a must and we have several items on sale such as socks, towels, rolls, hazmat, oil, and universal absorbents

Spill Kits

We have a large variety of spills kits on sale including 10 gal vehicle spill kits, 5, 20, 30, 55 and 95 gal spill kits.

Keep your customers and employees safe from acid and caustic spills by neutralizing and absorbing them.

Sorbent Booms & Pillows

Booms are used for managing marine spills or large land spills. They are capable of absorbing 25x its weight. Pillows are the perfect solution to trap drips and leaks.